2009 Party Buzz Roundup

by Jason Preston on January 16, 2009

First, a heartfelt thanks to everyone who came to the party and made it such a great evening! The house was packed, the music was good, and the atmosphere was uplifting.

Thanks also to our incredible sponsors: AMD, Sony, MagicJack, LoveSac, Sonos, foneGEAR, AT&T CruiseCast, Truphone, and WordFrame.

As usual there’s no shortage of pictures, tweets, blog posts, and videos from the party. Here’s a roundup of the online buzz from the party so far.

Seriously, it’s a lot. Scroll at your own risk, I’m not paying for medical expenses caused by too much mouse-wheel activity:


Scoble shows off the Sonos/Rhapsody music system on Kyte.TV:From Steve Garfield:
Acoustibuds – Makes iPhone/iPod ear buds comfyhttp://acoustibuds.com

From Lindsay with cesonthetube:


From Brian Solis:

From Jason Preston:

From Picture Prefect:

From Jake Ludington:

Blog Posts

From Blair Poloskey:

I also got to attend Robert Scoble’s ‘It won’t stay in Vegas’ party and I have to say, the folks at the Parnassus Group know how to put on a blogger event that is both fun and beneficial to the sponsors. I hate to see events like this explode in popularity, because inevitably they turn into junkets that are lacking on true networking and instead just table after table of demonstrations – but I am hoping the best for them, because this event was fantastic and a highlight to my time at CES. AND I won a Sonos multi-room music system – talk about great swag. The folks at Sonos are sending it this week and I cannot wait to try it out.

From Mike Coop:

With a half-hour left to go in the blogger party, it’s safe to say this has been one of my more enjoyable CES parties ever. Lots of folks who’re excited about consumer electronics, great vendor support (thanks!), and a totally enthusiastic vibe.

From Elisabeth Lewin:

Parnassus Group (and a bunch of sponsors) will be hosting the third annual “It Won’t Stay In Vegas” party during CES, Friday, January 9, at the Atomic Testing Museum. Promoters tout the attendance by and participation of Robert Scoble, as well as Gary Vaynerchuk, and Andru Edwards.

From Krista Neher:

By far the hottest party at CES09 was the “It Won’t Stay in Vegas” Blogger Party. The party was hosted by Parnassus Group and was a great way to wind-down after the chaos of the CES expo hall.

From Steve Garfield:

2009 “It Won’t Stay in Vegas” Blogger Party -Friday January 9, 2009 from 5:00pm – 8:00pm. Pre-registration required.

From Melissa Arseniuk:

Bloggerpalooza, aka the “It won’t stay in Vegas” blogger party at the Atomic Testing Museum from5 – 8 p.m. It is a closed event so if you don’t have an in, go complain about it on your blog.

From Lacy Kemp:

For those of you that attended the It Won’t Stay in Vegas party last Friday at CES, allow me to share with you the final playlist that YOU created. Thanks to everyone who submitted songs.

From Blair Poloskey:

attending the ‘It Won’t Stay In Vegas’ blogger party and sitting in on the Social Media Jungle super session – where all of my little blogging heroes will be speaking – I might actually get to meet a couple of them (I’m talking about you, Toeman).

From Matthew Norman:

You should have seen the Woot creative team, for example, utterly failing to work the room at last night’s “It Won’t Stay In Vegas” blogger party. All of us are natural wallflowers, much more comfortable cuddle-piling on a Lovesac brand beanbag than meeting new people.

From Smartalyx:

This year I am also excited about getting into the “It won’t stay in Vegas” blogger party. I have some ideas for projects and this will give me a chance to bounce them off some really good people.

From Jason Preston (hey, that’s me!):

I think everyone enjoyed the Sony gaming lounge–how could you not–and the Lovesac furniture surrounding the consoles provided some really serious lounging cred to the whole outfit.

From Robert:

5PM – 8PM: It Won’t Stay in Vegas (Invite Only)
Atomic Testing Museum

From Sascha:

Danach ab zur “It Won’t Stay in Vegas” Party im Atomic Testing Museum und wer rennt mich auf dem Weg zum Shuttle Bus fast ueber den Haufen?

From Mike Coop again:

Favorite reception/party: It Won’t Stay in Vegas, the blogger party at the Atomic Testing Museum. I had a ton of interesting conversations with bloggers and vendor sponsors from across the consumer electronics spectrum; look for upcoming reviews on Burton’s Acoustibuds, magicJack, Monster’s Outlets To Go, and more. I hope I make the cut again next year.

From Beth Blecherman:

It Won’t Stay in Vegas (well, mentioned just because it was a great blogger party!)

From Tom Foremski:

…then I have to pop into the marvelous Atomic Testing museum for the It Won’t Stay In Vegas blogger party; followed by a performance by Diana Ross thanks to Monster Cable celebrating its 30th anniversary…

From Rick at BlogWorld Expo:

As usual, they have an all star lineup of gadget and tech bloggers on the guest list, including Robert Scoble, Gary Vaynerchuk, Andru Edwards, and hundreds of other tech bloggers.

From Blair Cook:

Just got picked up from the Venetian on the LoveSac party bus heading to IWSIV – posting on WiFi from a bus on the Las Vegas strip – not a bad way to blog. Must go… there is a fridge full of beer about 6 feet away from me.

From Iris Media, in German again I think:

Wer auf der “It Won’t Stay in Vegas” [1] CES Blogger Party von Robert Scoble [2] und der Parnassus Group mitmachen will, hat sich zuvor unter dem Link

From the team at AMD:

Join Robert Scoble and the Parnassus Group at the AMD Sponsored “It Won’t Stay In Vegas” Blogger Party

From Maryam Scoble:

After picking their brains, it’s time to go out and party and the best place for bloggers to party in Vegas is at the Atomic Museum on Friday night where we’ll be throwing the ultimate Vegas blogger party from 5-8.

From Chris Byrd:

Friday night, it’s the It Won’t Stay in Vegas blogger party hosted by Robert Scoble. This promises to be an exciting event and a good time will be had by all for sure.

Tweets / FriendFeed

From Gary Vaynerchuk:

In Vegas? For CES or ASW ? here now? Hope to see you at this at 2pm http://tinyurl.com/2pmvegas @ Cassanov a rooms at the Venetian 2-4pm.

From Julie Vasquez:

Almost done at the It Wont Stay In Vegas party then heading over to the # ASW09 dinner

From Robert Scoble:

Visit here to see our CES blogs, we’ll keep adding to it as more people join the Lovesac mobile lounge

From Tyler Pruitt:

Heading to the blogger party at the atomic testing muse um #ces09

From Robert Scoble:

@anthonyalvernaz yes I will be at CES and am working with @garyvee and others to put on a killer party there. Need more help too!

From Adam Jackson:

Just got put on the “it won’t stay in vegas’ guest list! woot! http://i twontstayinvegas.co…

From Holger Eilhard:

@nilsmobil Hope you requested an invite!? http://it wontstayinvegas.com/

From John Andrews:

If ur in Vegas Friday, request an invite to Scoble’s blogger thing http://itwontstayin vegas.com/ #wordcamplv

From Dustin Wax:

RT @johnandrews: If ur in Vegas Friday, request an invite to Scoble’s blogger thing http://itwont stayinvegas.com/ #wordcamplv

From Daynah:

@levarburton Good to hear you’re going to CES also! Will you be attending this event as well? http://itwontst.wpengine.com

From Mike Prasad:

Arriving at the #itwontstayinvegas party! Can’t wait to see @scobleizer @briansolis @garyvee @rob inyang and everyone else. 😉

From Julie Vasquez:

Heading out to the It Won’t Stay In Vegas Party – who’s there now? http://it wontstayinvegas.com/

From Chris Rauschnot:

RT @brettbum: Heading out to the It Won’t Stay In Vegas Party http://itwontstay invegas.com/ see you soon

From Mike Coop:

is at It Won’t Stay in Vegas (www.itwontstayinvegas.com). Great vibe, great food & drink, great schwag! #ces09 #iwsiv09

From Efren Toscano:

Heading to the #iwsiv event #ces09

From Blair Cook:

On the @bloggerbus headed to IWSIV

From rkowalski7:

what happens when you reach a critical mass of bloggers? #iw siv #ces09

From Lindsay:

@BlurayStats i posted 6 videos from that party – here’s a montage: everybody loves a montage http://tin yurl.com/9bdxtz #ces09 #iwsiv

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Dean Browell January 21, 2009 at 7:04 pm

Lots more Tweets where that came from:


Just mine:

Had a great time, posted lots, enjoyed the hospitality of the hosts and sponsors. Thanks for everything!

Jason Preston January 26, 2009 at 12:15 pm

Thanks Dean!

I’m sorry I didn’t get more of a chance to hang out with you, I ended up running all over the place like a [insert metaphor here].

Next time!

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