Go Go Gadget Blogger Jet: How To Get on the Plane

by Jason Preston on October 15, 2008

The blogger jet contest is now closed to new entries.

Two weeks ago we announced our plans to host a contest that puts the winning bloggers on a private jet flight to CES. One week ago we let you know that the whole flight is eco-friendly thanks to ClearSky Climate Solutions.

This week we’re officially starting the contest.

You want in? We don’t blame you – here’s the skinny on all things related to the Go Go Gadget Jet contest, including how to enter:

The Bottom Line

If you’re a qualifying blogger and you post about the jet contest (and email us with the permalink to the post) you’re entered in the drawing. Your post will get you one “ticket” in the virtual punch bowl that we will be drawing from. We will draw names on Dec 9th, and will email all the contestants no later than midnight PST that night with their status.

The plane is tentatively scheduled to take off from Seattle on January 8th, and swing through Macworld in San Francisco on the way down.

Before you get posting, you should understand what constitutes a “qualifying” blogger.

You need to be someone who has been posting externally (no password-protected intranet stuff) on a regular basis for at least 6 months. The blog you currently are posting from may be brand new — that’s fine. Just steer us toward your older posts wherever they are.

A significant proportion of the content should be related to consumer electronics or the tech industry. Bloggers who are employees or contractors of companies exhibiting AT CES, or in our judgement are attending CES primarily for purposes other than to act as (non-vendor affiliated) citizen journalists are not eligible, unless they are employees or contractors of the paying sponsors of our flight or our blogger party.

In other words, if you blog for a company with a booth at CES, or work for a VC-backed startup that recruits bloggers to host ads for them, you should have that company send a little of that deep-pocket love our way. Sheesh. Planes and parties don’t grow on trees you know. 

How You Can Increase Your Odds

We can (and will!) throw extra tickets with your name on them into the punch bowl. Here are a couple of the things we’ve come up with (so far) that can earn you better odds of winning:

Twitter! Tweet about the Jet, include a link to this post and the tag “#gadgetjet09”, and you’ll get one extra ticket in the bowl. One to a customer.

Come to our party. If you qualify for an invite, and your name appears on the Official Guest List, that’s another ticket for you.

Be “approved” as a blogger or press by CEA. Did you have a blogger or press badge at last year’s CES? Are you approved as a blogger or press for 2009? Send us a photo of your badge or forward us a confirmation email from CEA and we’ll throw another ticket in the bowl for you.

Send us your spam. We mean it. Are you inundated with “story ideas” by vendors and PR flacks? Forward those to us at the address CESspam AT Parnassusgroup.com. Just make sure you send it from the same email address you used to notify us of your post. For every ten original mails you send, you’ll get another ticket. Remember though:

  • Each forwarded mail must be addressed specifically to YOU. Being included somewhere on a BCC list won’t qualify (sorry about that).
  • If they’re spamming you with “story ideas,” we’re going to spam them with “party sponsorship ideas,” so we’ll need their relevant contact info. The mail you received must be from a human with a real email address. (No info@hamsterPR.com stuff.) The mail must have a SIG file at the end with the person’s full name, company, and phone number at the very least.


  • No credit for duplicate emails. In other words, don’t send the same mail twice!
  • No credit for pharmaceutical emails. We already have enough Viagra, thank you very much!

How the Drawing Will Work

Every qualified person’s name will be entered into Excel, and the RAND function will be entered into a cell adjacent to each name. Each individual’s RAND calculation will then be multiplied by how many “tickets” they have entered into the virtual punch bowl. At the time of the drawing, we will stir the bowl by forcing ongoing recalculations of the entire worksheet over several thousand iterations.

At this point, the RAND cells will be frozen and names will then be sorted based on the calculation of the RAND cell times the number of “tickets” each person has acquired. A demonstration of how this will work can be seen here:

The Fine Print

Bear in mind that we reserve the right to:

  1. Refuse any blogger entry to the contest for any reason.
  2. Modify the rules at any time prior to the drawing.
  3. Reluctantly cancel the contest at any time due to lack of sponsor interest, sunspot activity, or any other reason that we deem appropriate.

For a full breakdown of the contest rules & fine print, click here.

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