Two Big Wins for Blogger Bus Wi-Fi Providers: AutoNet Mobile

by Jason Preston on January 29, 2009

We knew from the get-go that if we were going to arrange for a busload of bloggers to make it from San Francisco to Las Vegas, that bus would have to be hooked up to the internet. Fortunately for everyone, bringing the internet to moving vehicles is precisely what AutoNet Mobile does, and they do it well. We were very glad to have them on the bus this year.

But AutoNet mobile had two big announcements this year at CES as well: first, that they are partnering up with The Brix Group to pre-build their connectivity into commercial trucks and RVs, and second, that every AutoNet mobile device is now supported by Installernet.

It turns out that Installernet provides professional installation services to people on-site or at any one of thousands of dedicated locations around the US. So now, if you pick up your own mobile-wi-fi device, it comes with an installernet card that hooks you up with a professional installation. Not too shabby.

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Rick Carson November 24, 2009 at 1:22 pm

I am an IT Manager for a transportaton company and we had Autonet Mobile instralled several of our commuter Busss and the passanger just love it!!! Way to to Autonet! I can’t wait for this years event in Vegas.

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