Why (Regrettably) Not Everyone Gets an Invite to the Blogger Party

by Steve Broback on January 1, 2009

We have been unexpectedly inundated with over 500 requests to attend the ‘It Won’t Stay in Vegas’ blogger party. Since the space we have reserved won’t permit that many people to attend, the “sorry” emails are going out to some people who requested invites.

Please note that we largely HATE to send rejection mails. The best parties have lots of people with many perspectives and experiences. Limiting the scope of this event is a regrettable outcome of having limited resources available.

I’ve been rejected from events before and it sucks. Just happened to me at a Microsoft gathering held in November (.5 miles from my office!) I tried not to take it personally, but it was hard not to.

I admit I initially fell into a reductionist line of thinking and felt personally slighted. Once I realized my writings/audience didn’t really align well to the MS event, I felt better. (In a similar vein, note that there are people I would readily have to my house for dinner that don’t fit this party…)

It is critical to us that the people attending and hosting the event view it as being worth their precious time and money. That means the bloggers must meet interesting people and see interesting things. It means the people paying the bills think there was a tangible ROI to the big bucks they spent. These are the prime directives, as without those two things the party will not survive.

Admittedly, those two things can conflict at times so we walk a bit of a tightrope here.

That being said, Here is why you might have been rejected.

1) You’re not really a blogger:
a) You don’t blog regularly.
b) Your blog just launched the other day. (Some people in the past have set up a blog just to come to the party and then immediately abandon it…)
c) You provided us with a link to a static web site, but not a blog.
d) You have no Web presence whatsoever.

2) You are an employee or contractor to a non-sponsoring vendor.
Brand Y is paying big bucks to help host an expensive party during CES. They don’t particularly want to see people from Brand X milling around. We’d love to have you at the party next year though. Contact kim AT parnassusgroup DOT com about becoming a sponsor.

3) You are a PR or marketing professional who represents vendor(s) not sponsoring the party, or are perhaps interested in attending to promote your services to our sponsors.
Note the reasoning above and below (items 2, 4), and also that since the sponsors are already aligned with firms that drove sponsorship of this party, we are loath to do anything that could distract from their efforts.

4) You don’t blog about consumer electronics much/at all.
Not a deal killer, but too many posts about your cat can be a problem, especially if no one is commenting or linking.

5) You came to the party last year but didn’t post, tweet, or share a single word (good/bad) about what happened or who was here(!)
This is the least likely reason, and is one that is typically combined with one of the others. Posting is not an absolute requirement, but c’mon, we work hard on this. Send us (and the people buying all the food and drink) a little gesture, even if it’s a thumbs down. We can’t improve without input.

6) You lean heavily/exclusively in snark as a traffic driver.
So far no one has been rejected for this one, but we got stung by this a few years ago at the Blog Business Summit San Francisco. There’s critical thinking and then there’s gratuitous negativity. There are better ways to linkbait…

7) You gave us a lousy email address. (…not a deal killer, but c’mon…!)
Info@, Mail@, Admin@, Blog@, etc. etc.
Hey, we’d like an email address that you might actually pay attention to…

8 ) Your blog contains no profile information. Hey, no “about” page…?

8 ) We screwed up. We might have assigned you one or more of the above attributes to you by mistake. If so, email Jason AT parnassusgroup DOT com.

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Emilio O January 6, 2009 at 12:14 am

It’s all good, you have to have some limits at times. Even when I was being very fortunate with the hotties, I had to have limits. Viagra wasn’t even a thought then. And even overclockers burnout sometimes.
We changed site servers and even main blog lead info since we are rehashing our strategy to include more chingaderas or gadgets.
You all have a great time, and we wish you nothing but good times.
We will still hoist a few for you as a toast to compadres in arms.
Hasta la vista compadres.

Karl January 6, 2009 at 3:04 pm

I hope I can get in there! Waiting to hear….

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